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How To Improve Urgent Care Outcomes Using PCR Testing

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PCR Testing Is the Future of Treating UTIs During Pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) are one of the most common diagnoses an expecting mother receives during pregnancy. This tends to make clinicians view this as a routine aspect of..

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Why is C. diff so hard to culture and kill?

Clostridium difficile, commonly referred to as C. diff, is the #1 nosocomial infection in hospitals (it actually kicked staph infections out of the top spot). At Assurance, we..

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Simplicity COVID-19 Kit Wins Health + Wellness Design Award

Our Simplicity COVID-19 At-Home Test Kit has received the 2021 Health + Wellness Award from Graphic Design USA for the design of our test kit. We will be featured in the June 2021..

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Covid-19 Technical Bulletin

As one of the first commercial labs in the United States to test for COVID-19, Assurance Scientific Labs utilizes PCR technology to deliver fast, accurate results to help inform..

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Co-Infection Technical Bulletin

The Importance of Co-Infections As we focus on diagnosing and stopping the spread of COVID-19 during this global pandemic, it’s important to remember that co-infections with other..

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